Dim Sum

Dim Sum London

Dim Sum London

Dim Sum is a delicious Oriental cuisine which is usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. It is small bite size portions and may include meat, seafood and vegetables. Our Peking duck is legendary and we make our own amazing Hoi sin sauce.

TheSushiChef Dim Sum

  • Siu May Dumpling

  • prawn gyoza

  • Aromatic duck or veg spring rolls

  • chicken gyoza

  • Prawn or chicken  Wonton

  • vegetarian gyoza

  • Yakitori chicken skewers

  • Breaded Tiger Prawn

     Spring rolls
  • White Crabmeat and coriander Dumpling

    Peking duck 
  • Crystal Scallop Dumpling

  Chicken coriander
  • Vegetable Crystal Dumpling

  Prawn lemongrass
  • Pork Dumpling

  • Prawn Dumpling - Har kau

  • Pork and Prawn Dumpling

  • Sesame Prawn toasts

The Sushi Chef dim sum are made by expert Chinese chefs using the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods. We can have special dim sum made to your specifications and provide them specially packed, fresh or frozen.

You can also ask for a chef order a chef to come and cook it fresh for you......

We also wholesale great Dim Sum in London, and you can buy the traditional baskets.