Environmental Policy

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Our Environmental Policy

95% of all our packaging and paper used in our business daily is recycled.

We have never used blue fin tuna and we only use environmentally friendly hand line caught yellow fin tuna.

The  farmed salmon we use comes from Wester Ross  Scottish salmon and is RSPCA and freedom food  approved.

Our vans now use biodiesel  processed from cooking oil. This helps make the air fresher in central London and reduces our carbon emissions considerably and re-uses old cooking oil which would otherwise go to waste and landfill.

Kitchen and fish waste  is collected  by recycling group PDM, and sent to a biomass-to-energy renewable power plant and the resulting biofuel will be fed into the national grid. This new system of diverting kitchen waste from landfill ‘is a Godsend'.

The sushichef is always looking to reduce it's carbon footprint.

We work with our suppliers and try to use as much organic and environmentally responsibly sourced fish and ingredients as we can.

Wherever possible, we always try to use local suppliers and businesses and most of our employees live locally to our premises.