Party Platters

Sushi Party Platters, Buffet Sushi

Sushi - sashimi - canap├ęs - noodles - japanese salads - katsu - dim sum 

We also prepare cooked food party platters .. fresh and delivered diectly to you

 Terriyaki chicken or salmon   - chcken katsu   - chicken karaage   -  Yakitori skewers   - edamame   -   

prawn and mixed veg tempuras

Tuna tataki, seared sashimi salads  or Miso Cod....delicious!

..and our recent creation fresh herb viet spring rolls ..

We can cook a whole party for you.. a Nobu style dinner party  and in your own home !

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If you want something special please just ask...our chefs are really good and imaginative.

Sushi PlattersSashimi Platters
Canape Platters

Our sushi platters are a selection of our celebrated sushi options. Freshly delivered to you, with weasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce and chopstix 

All the best cuts of our sashimi selection, served fresh and irresistable
for you and your guests

A wide selection of classic oriental tasters. Gyoza dumplings, dim sum, duck spring rolls, tempura and yakitoris

All platters are made for either 5 (small)  or 10 people (LARGE) 

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